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Airflow manufacturer headquartered in Carpentersville, IL

  • Project
    Branding, Logo Design, Website Design & Development, Web Hosting and Support
  • Location
    Carpentersville, IL
  • Year
    2023 – ongoing
Revcor Logo
Revcor Homepage Design and Layout

Revcor.com – Preview of the  homepage design.

An exceptional online experience that compliments the revolutionary airflow products and services Revcor has been known for since the 1980s.

In early 2023, we launched a full rebrand and website design project for Revcor, Inc., an airflow manufacturing company with plants in Illinois and Mexico.

Their existing identity was outdated and was similar to the typical look of other airflow and HVAC-related companies. Agency317 was tasked with developing a logo design concept that clearly positions Revcor as a leader in the fan blade industry, today and tomorrow.


The new Revcor logo design incorporates a customized typeface with curved endings on individual letters to represent the curves of the fan blades. There is a great sense of movement, energy and power created by the blue airflow stream element that also doubles as a ribbon being blown across the “O” letter.

Revcor’s airflow products are built to move not only cool air, but also hot air and so the client requested that the color red be included in the tagline. This red color also adds a sense of passion and excitement.


Leadership Position

Armed with the new contemporary identity and brand messaging, Revcor’s new visuals position them as an authority and leader in the airflow industry.

Online Visibility and Discovery

The new Revcor.com not only provides visitors with a much improved user experience, its content is now more easily indexed by Google’s algorithm, providing Revcor with the potential to be discovered by new markets and opportunities.


Overall, Revcor’s new branding and online presence are now more accurately aligned with the company’s high quality product development, logistics and customer service. This consistent performance throughout all aspects of the organization will allow Revcor to continue to grow and succeed for many years to come.