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City of Sanibel - Sanibel Communities for Clean Water

Municipality in Sanibel, FL
  • Project
    Website Design & Development, Branding and Graphic Design, Video Production
  • Location
    Sanibel, FL
  • Year
    2016 – ongoing
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Logo - Sanibel Communities for Clean Water
Homepage Preview - Sanibel Communities for Clean Water

SanibelCleanWater.org – Preview of the new homepage design we created.

The City of Sanibel is known for being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in America, and even though it’s also a popular tourist destination, the governing bodies have managed to preserve its natural beauty and intrigue.

Even with this focus on the environment, the island still faces challenges in a variety of ways, including water quality. As a result, the City of Sanibel created a program called “Sanibel Communities for Clean Water” to educate residents and businesses on critical water issues.

Data from over 80 water bodies on the island are sampled every 2 years and each site is ranked by “level of concern” depending on the nutrient levels.

The City of Sanibel posted an RFP and we were awarded the contract in 2016. We were tasked with presenting the nutrient data for each water body in an interactive and engaging way that would help to empower residents and encourage them to get involved in improving the island’s water quality. Each water body sampled has its own data page, showing the site’s ranking, recommendations, photos and more.
City of Sanibel - Map Search
SanibelCleanWater.org – Community Search
SCCW - Be the difference

SanibelCleanWater.org – About Page Hero Section

SanibelCleanWater.org community details page

SanibelCleanWater.org – Community Details Page

SCCW - Charts

SanibelCleanWater.org – Top 5 Rankings

Poster design for SCCW

Sanibel Communities for Clean Water – Poster Designs

Sanibel Communities for Clean Water – Education Video Production

Postcard Design - Sea Turtles

City of Sanibel – Sea Turtle Postcard

Brochure design - City of Sanibel

City of Sanibel – Sanibel Communities for Clean Water brochure design

Audubon Plants for Birds poster

City of Sanibel / Audubon
Plants for Birds poster design

Illustration of Bioswale

City of Sanibel – Award design, Bioswale and Lake Aeration illustrations


Prestigious National Award

The Sanibel Communities for Clean Water program was awarded the Environmental Stewardship Award 2019 by the Florida League of Cities. This award focuses on city programs that promote conservation, improve and protect environmental conditions, and/or provide environmental education and outreach programs.

Ongoing Relationship

We’ve been working together since 2016 and continue to provide an array of services for various city departments. Each project allows us to develop solutions for new challenges and continue to consistently meet city goals.