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Fundae’s Ice Cream & Sweets

Ice cream shop in Zionsville/Whitestown Indiana

  • Project
    Website Design & Development, Web Hosting and Support
  • Location
    Zionsville/Whitestown, Indiana
  • Year
    2020 – ongoing
Logo - Fundae's

VisitFundaes.com – Preview of the  homepage design.

Fundae’s Ice Cream & Sweets is a popular ice cream shop in Whitestown, Indiana and serves up delicious treats for all ages.

We were hired to bring the Fundae’s online presence to a new level and help them to accurately represent the quality and experience of their ice cream shops through their website.

To further show off their products, we completed a photoshoot of all 100 ice cream scoop flavors and did so without any waste and barely a drip left over!

Ice Cream Shop Web Design

With their existing memorable logo and branding, our goal was to further connect current and potential customers with Fundae’s. The website design and general style is engaging, welcoming and friendly, and the user experience is enjoyable and intuitive. Visuals throughout are consistent in their colors and styling, and content like opening hours, allergy info, and locations is easily and quickly found.



The fun of visiting your local ice cream shop is now highlighted in their online presence with a beautiful and engaging website that provides a great experience. Information is quickly discovered through the intuitive user interface design.

Client Control

With the integration of an easy-to-use page editor, our client now has a website that they can control, from making menu updates to changing seasonal hours. We believe in giving our clients 100% freedom to manage their website’s themselves, saving them from paying hourly costs to make simple edits.